An extra special wedding
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
By Jungling Photography
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My niece got married over the weekend!  When they are little we have so many hopes for their futures and hopes that our influences will be enough to give them the strength and wisdom they will need to navigate wall the little bumps along life's road.  Saturday, I saw that many of those hopes were realized.  My niece has grown into a beautiful, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, balanced, happy and fun woman.  I've only recently started to get to know the man she chose to spend her life with but I see in him a man who can support her, who delights in her, cherishes her and takes great joy in the life they have started to build together.  My heart is full to bursting with pride and happiness for this sickeningly sweet couple.


The ceremony had many highlights for me: My friend not just giving his daughter away, but accepting her groom was his new son and seeing his baby girl being welcomed as a daughter and sister into her new family.  The groomsmen stole the show when they all assisted in delivering the ring.  I held it together really well until I watched in awe the loving headship her groom displayed as he served communion to his bride- that was the most emotional moment to me because it proved just how fully he cared for her every need. {deep breath} I'm tearing up now just recalling it.

The day held many beautiful moments, shared with a beautiful family and loving friends and I was honored to not only have shared it with them all but to have been the one to capture it for them.

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