Family Perfection
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Friday, October 02, 2015
By Angie
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The relationships that I get to build with my client families is hands down the biggest personal benefit of what I do.  I have had the privelidge of watching these girls grow over the last 5 or so years. Two of them, I have photographed since before birth with maternity portraits.  The oldest has always been full of energy, inquisitive, creative, VERY outgoing and always seems to have big plans of her own.  The middle one took awhile to warm up to being in front of the camera, I think she cried at every session until she was 3.  She was especially not a fan of outdoor sessions when the weather was more on the cool side (which we actually had several of).  Now that smile just lights up when it is her turn to shine and she is full of spunk.  And the baby has always been content, yet serious.  Her smiles in this session were compliments of her dad's dancing behind me.  The three of them together is just magical!  They naturally snuggle up and love on each other when I place them close together, I really don't have to give them much direction at all.  I'm not saying the session is not without some drama (there are 3 girls, after all) or frenzied moments- I have the outtakes that show otherwise.  {and EVERY session has it's share of drama and frenzy}.  But by letting them have those moments we are able to bring them back into focus and capture their sweet, sassy, spunky little beings exactly as the truly are.  I am beyond blessed that their parents are more than just clients- I get to call them friends!  I tell new clients that having a portrait made is a very personal thing, you are opening yourself up to show who you are at your core.  It is more than a picture, it is an illustration and that is very personal.  On my side of the camera, it is no different!  This is not just business to me- in order to allow my subjects to be themselves in front of my camera, I have put myself out there and create an environment that allows them to feel comfortable enought to do that.  Something so personal for them, is just as personal for me too.


This family is also a great example for portrait wardrobe!  One of the biggest questions I'm asked when planning a session is "What should we wear?".  That is a BIG, broad question!  I usually tell clients to keep it simple, to coordinate but not MATCH because you want each person to look like an individual in your portrait.  Keep the patterns to a minimum but look more for texture.  The prints in this family's ensemble is a bit more than I usually suggest BUT it works!  It works because the stripes provide texture and since 2 girls have the same one, there is continuity and it is broken up by the vest.  I also like it when the color pallette has a light and a darker neutral for contrast and then a pop of color for interest.  In this case the pop is obviously the yellow tunic (which also has great texture details, BTW) and it is picked up in the floral pattern and belt of the dress and the details on the vest.  This family looks like they belong together without all wearing the same things.  More on what to wear coming in another blog post soon!

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