Field of Dreams
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016
By Jungling Photography
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I always feel so honored when I'm asked to document family events.  It gives me a chance to really walk alongside clients and gives me a peek into their lives.  Saturday was one of those special moments for both myself and for this family.  They set out to celebrate several of life's special moments: a 40th wedding anniversary as well as the birthdays of their parents.  They got the whole family together for a fun night of some family competition at the Field of Dreams.  They had the field all to themselves, had special jerseys made up and it was the Evens vs the Odds.  I wouldn't say that the competition was fierce but the rivalries certainly made it interesting.  There was a fair amount of ribbing, showing off (on and off the field), silliness and so many laughs.  Even when I account for locking my keys in my car requiring a call to a locksmith, I would call the evening a big success.  A real tribute to the legacy of love that this couple has built over the years!


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