Nope, this did not just happen! A photographer in denial...
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Friday, June 03, 2016
By Jungling Photography
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She's still that little girl.  The one who called out Aunt EEEEE GEEEEE the second she entered the department store that I worked at just out of high school.  The one who insisted that we eat ONLY mac & cheese and watch Hercules every.single.time she was at my apartment.  The one who stood up as junior bridesmaid at our wedding, caught the bouquet and danced with my new husband to Barney's theme song.  She really is that same girl, in there somewhere, if I squint real hard I can still see her when I look at the beautiful young woman that stands before me now.  I had a hard enough time when I photographed her senior pictures- the reality that kids don't stay kids was heavy then and now that she is engaged it's weight hit me like a ton of bricks. In my heart, I wish she were still that adorable little stinker {in a lot of ways she always will be to me} but my eyes do not deceive me- this really did just happen- I just photographed my niece's engagement session and her wedding is coming very soon. {sigh} Time goes too swiftly.


I am so proud of the strength, confidence, compassion and exuberance that she possesses.  She is full of joy and I'm sure that the man who stands next to her is a big part of that.  This was the first time I met him but I call tell that he cherishes her, he makes her laugh and has put a smile permanently on her face.  That makes him OK in my book, she deserves nothing less.


Aren't they sweet together?  Congratulations, Madine & Nathan!  I really couldn't be happier for you.

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