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Tuesday, April 07, 2015
By Angie Jungling
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Cake smashes are one of my favorite things because I get such a variety of reactions when the tykes are handed a cake all their own to demolish.  It is one of the things I talk to parents about before the session because I don't want them to have un-met expectations.  Their little person is going to be cute whether they attack it with gusto or if they have an unsure approach or if they just plain don't like it.  Each unique reaction makes it an experience all their own.  This dapper little man had tasted cake before he came in for his session and we knew he loved it.  What we didn't know was that he would HATE my studio lights!  He blinked and cried everytime they flashed and he quickly learned that when I held the camera up, it was going to do it again, causing even more tears.  What is a photographer to do?  With the help of Mom & Dad and my assistant, we managed to distract enough to get a few happy expressions before I resorted to using some low-light techninques without the studio strobes.  The distraction of CAKE was also very effective.




Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter pout?


The cake was created by Candi's Cake Creations in Palo.  Be sure to check her out on facebook at and give her a call next time you need a delicious treat for an event.

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